Episode 17: Life in the Process (Visiting Voice: Ryan Thomas Neace)

Episode 17: Life in the Process (Visiting Voice: Ryan Thomas Neace)

This week I've got a real treat for you...a visiting voice! An artful one, at that. But first, let me whet your whistle.

So do you ever happen to notice that we go through our days having innumerable experiences just underneath the experiences that are obvious to the naked eye? We say things, but how often do we realize why we say them, or from what part of us they come? When we have an emotional response, we often act upon it in some way, but how often do we reflect on what that is rooted in?

For this episode one of my dearest friends, Ryan Thomas Neace, joins me to talk about process. Process, as we talk about it in this episode, is the choice to experience, expand, and share our awareness of our life's subtext in order to nourish the space inside us and between us & those with whom we share life. Ryan and I both  practice process in our own lives as a way to deepen a quintessential aspect of what it means to be truly human: to know and be known by one another. So I thought it would be fun to talk about in an episode! Come join the conversation as we look at the value, practicalities, barriers, purposes, etc of process as a life-giving practice.

Production note: In my constant pursuit to practice authenticity in this podcast, this episode contains some "sound blemishes," including some crackling, some cell phone interference, and (best of all) a very human moment between us where Ryan thought his audio had stopped recording and we had a brief moment of fear. I chose to leave these in, hoping you'll enjoy our humanness as much as I did.

Any questions or comments? Please email me at Feel free to copy Ryan in on any emails about this episode as well. His address is And please read more of Ryan's deep and multitudinal wisdom at his website by clicking here: Ryan Thomas Neace on the interwebs.