Episode 1: Finding Life in the Whirlwind

Painting by Yiya Yin 2016

The season of advent offers a window of time that serves as a concentrated dose of what we humans really need throughout the entire year. Like the spaciousness of a giant pond offers a goldfish room to grow larger than it would in a small bowl, so the season of advent offers us a certain spaciousness for reflection, growing anticipation, focused attention, contemplation, and devotion to things that root us and get us living in deeper ways. It is perfectly meaningful that advent occurs during the darkest time of the year; as the daylight hours decrease, so we move closer to a kind of becoming––a bursting forth of sorts: light exploding into darkness.

In this debut episode of the Life in the Whirlwind Podcast, you are invited to walk into some of the mysteries that invite us deeper into this becoming that we are always somehow in the middle of, but particularly so as we near the culmination of the advent season.

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Image of painting used (as a great gift) with full permission from Yiya Yin. Inquiries or requests to visit her Philadelphia art studio can be sent to yiyayin@outlook.com.
Music: "Ever" by Podington Bear || soundofpicture.com