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Episode 55: Hello, 2018

55 2018.jpg

This episode (recorded in NYC in a blanket fort, by the way) comes to you right at the edge of a new year. Exploring reasons and motivations to set intentions for new years, please come join this conversation about laying groundwork for growth – instead of setting goals for the new year that will only make you feel empty and inadequate. You are loved and valuable in all your particularity, my friends.

If you'd still like to register for the Winter of Listening Retreat on January 6, 2018 in the Northwest section of Philadelphia, check it out at http://www.lifeinthewhirlwind.com/events/winter-of-listening-retreat-2018.

Much love and happy new year, friends.

Episode 29: Seeking peace within and without

Is it "wrong" to let ourselves be affirmed and listen to the voices of those who love us to find peace? What is the balance between this and finding peace within ourselves without the help of others? It's not as cut-and-dried as we often say it is. This episode is a good follow up to last week's episode on combating shame narratives. Come join me on my vacation and let's have a conversation (with an abundance of metaphors), shall we?

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