Episode 59: Life as practice | visiting voice: Caleb Cliff

For this episode my friend Caleb Cliff joins me to talk about 5 questions regarding how we might see life as practice, not mastery. In addition to some enjoyable conversation, make sure you hear our cool announcement at the end of the episode. Not to mention the global debut of one of Caleb's original songs, "Para" (written specifically for this episode, you all are the first to lay ears on it!). Come join this stimulating conversation as well as talk of future plans.

We'd love to hear what YOU are hungry and thirsty for. What do you want to learn more about? What do you feel you've lost that you'd love to find again? What have you always wanted to know more of? What kinds of things rekindle your inner fire that could be shared in a co-learning community? Please share your heart's passions with us so we can consider this for our upcoming ventures that we'll be planning to bring to you all very soon. Leave a comment in this episode at www.lifeinthewhirlwind.com/podcast/episode59. It will help us so much, thank you!