Episode 4: On Transformation: Getting Out of My Own Way

As a person and as a professional helper, I often wonder how it is that people are transformed. I see it all the time, but it's hard to measure or pinpoint what steps get us to places where suddenly we look back and things are...different. 

I was recently presented with the invitation: "Get out of your own way and let presence, attention, gravity, and time transform you –– not the exertion of your will." In this episode, we look at the ways we exert our wills, trying to do things to manipulate external circumstances that distress us. Alternatively, we look at what happens when we seek to adjust our internal circumstances and how that may change our stories and processes. Though we often confuse ourselves with the inclement weather happening around the mountain, we are actually the mountain. Living out of this can make all the difference. Come join the exploration.

Poet David Whyte and Fr. Martin Laird (virtually) join us in our quest in this fourth episode.

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Music: "Peace Christmas" by Lobo Loco