The Re-creation of Music

I breathe music. Since I was super little, a day without music is the most effective way to torture me.

Grieving (especially multiple things/people at once) has reminded me of what the word “recreation” actually means: re-creation. What creates me as a person needs to be repeated in re-creation. As I develop as a holistic human being, my recreational habits (even the choice to partake in them) change and morph, but music has been the constant.

I am finding new ways of loving and being re-created with the help of music. I am going to sing more this summer, I am going to record songs (just on garage band - nothing fancy!), perform at coffee houses, sing as loudly as possible when I’m alone, leave a musical legacy for my kids, and I am going to make a point of exposing myself to as much new music as possible (both in volume and diversity).

I just felt like writing about that tonight.