A lot of you don’t know that I am a student getting my Masters degree in Professional Counseling. But I am. :)

I started thinking about this when I was in college and met someone who worked with International Justice Mission with women who were being sex trafficked…in the USA. I couldn’t believe that it was happening so close to me. And it shook me to my core.

I attend Biblical Theological Seminary, which has a uniquely practical and thorough masters program in counseling with a focus on Trauma training. This January, Biblical is beginning a Global Trauma Recovery Institute and I am applying. Counseling trauma survivors requires training, but we can all be part of the healing in one way or another.

I wanted to post this video because I feel like it’s good for all of us to remember how prevalent this problem is, and how easy it is to fall into it. I am currently counseling at a center where there are many women who have been trafficked. It is happening in North Philadelphia, only a few miles from my house.

For those interested in anti-trafficking media, you might check out this almost 4 minute animated movie about woman in Africa lured into a sex trafficking trap.

Warning: while it contains no graphic visual material, the content of the video may still be triggering for some.

((Thanks, Phil Monroe for the video.))