Episode 28: What to do with the story shame tells || Visiting voice: Phil Monroe

"You really know how to suck a person dry." ... "What is wrong with you?" ... "You're not strong enough to handle this." ... "You're just too much." ...

These kinds of shame narratives play in our heads all day long. Sometimes we are conscious of them, sometimes we aren't. But they're playing like music in a café – filling our internal lives with background noise. What if we acknowledged these narratives as real (but not true), in doing so moved toward them (!), and spoke truth to them so they could be transformed?

My dear friend and colleague Phil Monroe joins me for this episode on shame narratives. Phil wrote a recent blog entry that got me thinking about shame narratives and how much air time they tend to get in our lives. Make sure you check out his blog at www.philipmonroe.com.

Also in this episode, I mention a Brené Brown video I posted. Feel free to check it out here: Brené Brown on harm & healing in faith communities. Finally, if you didn't see it already, check out the blog post I wrote on Wednesday that goes along well with this topic: Live a Life Guided by Grace & Love? Huh??

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