Episode 14: What my bucket list taught me about the beginner's mind

Henri Nouwen once wrote a letter to a friend in which he said, "In order to live a hospitable life––not just a hospitable year––you need a lot of time for yourself to read, to write, to study, to meditate, to pray, to just be alone. If you do not claim that for yourself, you are not hospitable enough because you do not create the quiet restful place where people can find healing."

What a week it's been for me to do that! I am grateful to have had a trip to San Francisco where I did just this. On this trip, I checked two things off my bucket list––two things that cleared my head, gave me perspective, filled me with life and awe, and offered me a sweet and distinct sense renewal.

In this episode we'll discuss what we call the beginner's mind, a way of approaching the world and life that is both rooted in the wisdom of the past while practicing an openness to learning. Come join the conversation!

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