Episode 12: Optimal Conditions

What are the so-called "optimal conditions" we tend to wait for in life before we choose to open ourselves or dare greatly in life? Sadly we often wait too long, or we hide – never to dare at all. We let our natural fear of pain, judgment, criticism, exposure, etc keep us small. But what growth and expansion of True Self is missed when we shrink, hide, or stand still? Come join the conversation as we discuss vulnerability, openness, and how & why it may lead to expansive life that holds steady in the whirlwind.

References in the episode:
+ Brené Brown's TED talk, "Listening to Shame"
+ Johari window model

Special thanks also goes to one of my dearest friends, Ryan Thomas Neace, for the ways in which you wade into this topic with me on a regular basis and so deeply informed this episode's content. Your friendship is invaluable, Ryan.