Life goes on. And on and on.

The last 24 hours of my life have been some of the most weighty I’ve ever experienced. And the next 24 will doubtfully be any less so. Yesterday my mom got married for the second time in her life. I sometimes run creative versions of what I imagine her wedding to my dad was like. She was 19, there was so much complexity in her life, and she was only a small fraction of what she has become the last few years, with God’s help.

And today is September 11th. The 10 year anniversary, of course. For some reason I’ve been thinking today that celebrating more on the 10th anniversary (rather than the 7th or 21st anniversary, or what have you) somewhat cheapens the whole thing. What do you all think? I think it’s important to remember every year with equal recollection and sobriety. At least if we can help it.

Now, to bookend my weekend, tomorrow is my first day of school. The season of life I’ve been waiting for with such adamant eagerness is here! My MA in Professional Counseling begins. I’ve never been more excited for the first day of school. This is not just a graduate program for me, which is why it’s so massive. This program is a gift, a symbol of strength, confirmation, abundance, restoration, and establishment. I’ve said this before as I absorb the last 7 months of my life: I feel like this year, my life is just beginning.

So life goes on. It always goes on. We don’t stay the same, and the best we can hope for is that we become who we were born to become.

I’m including two pictures and for both of them, the only caption could be the title of this posting: “Life goes on. And on and on.”