Here I Am.

I started this tumblr blog in the Wilmington, NC airport at 7am on a Saturday at the end of our big family reunion beach vacation. I always hate (reading and writing) what I call “blog premiers” because people (I) feel more pressure when writing them, like they’re supposed to be these monumental beginnings. I’d love to hook some readers with this post, but most likely I won’t until I’m a few posts in.

The purpose of this blog in my mind is threefold. I hope to:

  • artistically process the whirlwind around me — the great & the horrible — when I feel it would benefit the community of people reading this
  • artistically process change, which is better than doing it alone oftentimes
  • tell readers & friends about what I’m thinking / reading / learning / processing as I embark on my new adventure, my MA program in counseling…gasp! How exciting. There will be so much running through my over-active brain. I will seriously need an official processing area.

The thing I love about tumblr is that it really feels like a network and it’s incredibly interactive if you want it to be. For example: when I type a question mark at the end of a sentence, it asks me, Do you want people to answer this question? How fun is that?

So please interact. Leave comments. Repost. Leave pictures as comments. This is an artistic space. That’s what I want it to be.

In a year, I hope this blog looks like a digital version of an artist’s loft, full of photos, clippings, paintings, poems, thoughts, drawings, song lyrics, flowers, food…

Thanks for sharing it with me.